Respite care

We have residents who often join us for just a short stay. This can range anywhere from a week to 3 months...we are happy to accommodate your needs.

Respite care has a twofold benefit, it allow residents to take some time where they do not need to worry about cooking, cleaning and other daily tasks, whilst having the opportunity to partake in a variety of specially organised activities and to have specially trained staff on hand to assist with any personal care needs.

Yarborough Care Home can also provide that transition between a hospital stay and moving back home, our trained staff are on hand to assist in getting you back on your feet, after some time in hospital. Respite care is also beneficial for family / in-home carers. It gives them a break from having to worry about looking after elderly relatives and rest reassured that their every need is being catered for getting the pampering they deserve!

If you do find that you miss them too much, our unrestricted visiting hours allow you to visit and see your loved ones at almost any time!